Coins sell in Vienna

One differentiates between investment and circulation coins, and here there are gold and silver coins, as well as palladium and platinum coins. You have coins at home and do not know the value, or want to part from them? Maybe you want to complete your collection and add new pieces? Contact us! We offer free consultation for you at any time. Our goal is to provide you with competent help in the decision-making.

Sell, pawn or exchange

The "Juwelier und Leihhaus" shop can be found in Rennweg 35 in the 3rd district. The experts in our house have the necessary experience and essential knowledge in the field of numismatics and can help you with the determination of the value.

In our house, the value of coins is assessed, and if you wish, we will gladly submit a purchase offer. We have been buying and selling coins in Vienna for over eight years at fair conditions.

On request, we buy the following coin executions:

• Silver and gold coins

• commemorative coins, e.g. Austrian Schilling or D-Mark

• Complete coin collections

Of course, it is possible to also pawn your coins at an appropriate value, so you can keep them in your possession. The possibility of exchange is particularly appreciated by our regular customers. Do you have doubled coins and want to exchange a different equivalent coin? No problem! You can also exchange coins for jewelry.

We are the experts!

◦ Gold and silver coins

◦ Schilling and DM coins

Gold and silver coins

Amongst other factors, the materials that make up the individual pieces are decisive. Before we can make a concrete offer for your coins, we have to evaluate them and check their authenticity.

If you want to sell your gold or silver coins, do not leave it to the chance. Decide for a strong partner, where you can rely on fairness and transparency. For you, we rely on state-of-the-art techniques that enable us to accurately evaluate precious metals. In order to sell your coins, we offer you different possibilities. On the one hand, you can visit us at our shop in Rennweg 35, or you can also send us your coins by mail. Absolutely discreetly, you have the possibility to determine the value of your single coins or coin collection.

As a third option, you can easily contact us to arrange a house visit. One of our employees will visit you at home and will evaluate your coins exactly.

Schilling and DM coins

It is often not easy to estimate the value of a coin - there are different criteria for the determination of the value. Alone the amount of the edition can be decisive. Two coins, which seem to be completely identical, may have a completely different value. Some old Deutsche Marks or Schilling coins may have a high value, others bring at most the value, after the melting process. Likewise, the material value of a coin may be higher than the nominal value.

Do you know what your old coins are worth? We'll tell you!

The experts in our house have the necessary experience and essential knowledge in the field of numismatics and can help you with the determination of the value.

Please note: The value of coins also results from the supply and demand. What was worthy yesterday, can few days later clearly diminish in value. Therefore, do not hesitate - we look forward to your visit!

Our pawn shop is constantly receiving inquiries, where you can still sell or exchange Deutsche Marks or Schilling. Of course, you can sell your old coins at Rennweg 35. Contact us and you will receive a non-binding offer.

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