Jeweler in Vienna

Jeweler in Vienna

In addition to Pawn shop, the company «Juwelier & Leihhaus» also operates jewelry stores: • Assessment and certification • Repairs of all kinds • Battery and watch wristband replacement, etc. As a jeweller we are at your disposal with an individual and comprehensive consultation at any time. We offer you a wide range of high quality jewelry. Rings and watches can be found here as well as noble chains and pendants in various designs.

In our jewelry portfolio we include pieces from a wide range of materials. Choose between jewelry made of: • Gold • Silver • Platinum • Stainless steel • Titanium • Ceramics

All models are in the best quality and inspire with noble designs. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, then you are in the right place. On request, our jeweler will produce for you a unique piece of jewelry. Our in-house workshop manufactures rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings according to your individual taste and thus creates extraordinary designs. Just contact us!


Very often jewelry would be difficult to replace in case of loss. Seldom anyone knows at what conditions jewelry, gold and silver or coin collections are insured in their own household insurance. Would you get everything replaced to the actual value? Above all - how can you prove the value in the event of damage? For this we offer you an assessment of the value. Our experts working with state-of-the-art methods, are excellently trained and have wide experience. With the assessment you are on the safe side in case of damage.

When it comes to a separation, it does not mean that it happens peacefully and quietly. An attempt would be made to deprive the partner to his/her own profit. This can be prevented if a certificate or a value report is available. This can be used to prove the value of the respective object without a doubt.

The same is true with the inheritances.

Even if you do not currently have the intention to part from your jewelry or investment, it may happen that you have to bear the idea of selling. Also in this case, a value assessment makes sense, because you have a reasonable basis for sale.

The valuation certificate may also be used to claim a pawn loan. You already know in advance how much credit you can count on.

Ask for a free and not binding consultation at Juwelier & Leihhaus. We will be glad to provide you with the necessary information for the preparation of a valuation report. Jewelry sales and jewelry price estimation are matter of trust. For many years, our customers have shown us with their loyalty that we have earned the trust they put in us.


If you need an independent certification, you are also in the right place! Our experienced professionals carry out an independent evaluation of jewelry items and issue a corresponding certificate and a confirmation of quality which can also serve for insurance purposes.

In order to determine the actual price of a diamond, a gemmological test is required. Our specialists check the stones color and purity. The cut and the shape of a diamond are also of great importance. The weight is given in carats (equivalent to 0.2 grams). In «Juwelier & Leihhaus» work seasoned experts, who have all the necessary equipment. After careful evaluation, a certificate confirming the authenticity and quality of the precious stones is issued.


As a jeweller we offer you not only a large selection of wedding rings, watches and brand jewelry. Fixed components of our portfolio are also different repairs. In our workshop we prepare your jewelry and watches and carry out repairs of a wide range. You can count on our experience and craftsmanship.

There is jewelry, which is very special to us. Our jewellers specialize in restoring your jewels to their old beauty and original functionality and features.

Did you already know that you can enhance your jewelry optically by professional cleaning? Leave the cleaning of the jewelry to our reliable and proved experts, and you will be amazed at the brilliance of your items.

We work transparently and at a reasonable price.

Battery replacement

For our employees, a battery change is part of the everyday work, but that does not mean that our service and the quality of work are common! Our professionals replace quick and inexpensive watch batteries, because they have the expertise, the necessary equipment and use high-quality materials. As a customer you have numerous advantages:

• The watch batteries we use are of high quality and long-lasting. • You will receive a warranty of 18 months for the battery change. • We perform quality work and nevertheless inexpensive. • The battery change is done quickly and you do not have to go without your watch for days.

Watch band replacement

The watch strap usually has to be renewed first. To what strains is your watch band exposed? The watch of a craftsman has to withstand other stresses than the designer watch, which is worn only on special occasions. Material and quality should be adjusted to high use, so that you can enjoy your watch for a long time and do not run the risk of losing as with an inferior bracelet.

Consult with one of our employees, they will be happy to help you.

In some cases the watch bracelet is visually advantageous, but its functionality does not meet your expectations. Therefore, before you buy - apart from the look and the material of the band- you should think about the type of the watch closing.

In principle, a distinction is made between two types of closing: clasps and buckles.

When selecting a new bracelet, except the type of closing method, the type of fastening must also be considered. Not every bracelet can be attached to every watch.

The choice is big, there are watch straps made of all kinds of materials: from inexpensive plastic band to luxury watch straps with a high precious metal content.

Pick your favourite bracelet and let us mount it professionally. If you can not find what you are looking for in our collection, we will order the desired watch straps for you.

Do you have small wrists and your watch slips back and forth? Many bracelets can be shortened by a specialist, so that a good and secure fit can be achieved - just ask! In our shop, you will also find watch bands in XL size, so that the problem of tight and oppressive watches has an end for you.

We order original spare parts for you and, when possible we also repair high-quality watch straps.

Jewelry processing

The daily use creates small scratches and other traces of wear on the jewelry surface. Due to these small unevenness the metal surface does not reflect the light optimally. The unique sparkle of your jewelry thus decreases.

Thanks to the professional treatment, your jewelry regains the original shine. The surface of the jewelry is easily rubbed down by means of a suitable tool and then polished or matted. This results in a smooth surface and the original visual effect.

However, a satisfactory finish is only ensured by professional surface treatment. This requires comprehensive expertise and material knowledge. Improper handling during polishing can damage the jewelry. Therefore, it is important to turn to an expert for jewelry processing.

Juwelier & Leihhaus Vienna is your qualified partner for the restoration of the unique beauty of your precious jewelry.

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