Jewelry sell buy Vienna

Jewelry sell buy Vienna

Jewelry purchase and sale is a matter of trust, and trust is earned, not given to one. We would like to earn your trust and we let you put us to the test. Because our work is transparent and we like to answer all your questions.

Price for sell of jewelry

If you want to sell your jewelry, often you are only offered the amount that is below the current gold price. How is this melting price determined? First, the gold alloy of your jewelry is determined. The higher the gold content in the alloy, the higher the gold value. Costs are calculated for the evaluation and analysis, as are the existing fixed costs of the respective dealer. However, there is no fixed regulation, and each buyer can calculate it all individually.

The company "Juwelier & Leihhaus Wien" does not go out of the pure melting price when it comes to jewelry. Thanks to many years of experience and high-quality technical equipment, we can tell you what your valuables are worth.

You can be sure that we offer you the best possible conditions, because we want to win you as a customer!

Services related to jewelry

In our shop you can buy or sell not only used jewelry. In the showcases you will find new jewelry, or we can also skilfully produce exclusive jewelry pieces designed to your request.

Repairs of chains and bracelets, replacement of stones and change of batteries are of course also part of our offer. This is not all: We clean your jewelry and create evaluations and assessments for insurance companies or for your own documentation.

Come and visit our shop "Juwelier & Leihhaus", Rennweg 35, 1030 Vienna. Of course, you can contact us in advance by phone +43 (0) 1 945 500 5 or by e-mail

What if you want to buy used jewelry but can not do it personally? Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelery has high attractiveness and magic. However due to own taste and like almost everything in life it is also a matter of change and people want to part with their old and antique pieces.

Buyers of jewelery use usually only the gold price in their valuation. Often, this is meaningful and economically comprehensible. But not always!

It can happen that beautiful jewelry is only reduced to the gold content price. This is in many times annoying.

Here is where one of our core competences begins. Our experienced jewelers first examine the jewelry you want to sell in its entirety. Of course, we will determine the gold and precious stones value, because that is one of the basics of the valuation. But thanks to the long years of experience our specialists recognise if there is an antique item which collector value may be far above the pure gold price.

As a customer you benefit from our professional competence!

Our assessment and calculation of the value is free of charge and without obligation. You decide relaxed and without time pressure if you want to sell your old jewelry or maybe prefer to exchange it for other items dating different times and epochs.

Jewelry evaluation

Often, as a layman, you can not tell whether it is high-quality fashion jewelry or valuable gold jewelry. Experts and jewellers have several criteria that are involved in determining the value of a piece of jewelry.

Usually the alloy (333, 585, 750 or 999 in gold) of the precious metal is placed in the forefront position. The higher the value of the alloy, the more precious is the gold jewelry.

The price of the jewelry is then determined by its weight, and the purchase price is based on the respective market value. The gold price changes every hour. In addition to the gold value and weight, our review includes the condition of the jewelry item that you present us.

We also include in our calculations whether the precious or semi-precious stones were processed, how these are made and, above all, how old the jewelry is. You may not even know the time your jewelry originates from. Every century, each epoch and every artist has certain characteristics that the trained eye can recognize. We have this knowledge and can make a reliable judgment.

The specialists (Juwelier Wien) of our company carry out an independent evaluation of jewelry items and issue a value report and a certificate of the quality, which can serve for insurance purposes. With these assessments you are on the safe side in case of damage.

A certificate or a value report prevents doubts and disputes in other situations as well, such as separation or inheritance.

Also, in case you decide to sell your jewelry, a value appraisal makes sense because that gives you a reasonable basis for the possible price.

The expert's certificate may also be used to claim a pledged loan. You already know in advance how much credit you can count on.

Jewelry from private ownership

Have you often found one or other piece of jewelry that you don’t want anymore and want to part from it? In such cases, you have several options:

• You put back the jewelry items into your jewelry box. • You wear one or another piece, although you do not really feel comfortable with it. • You are welcome to come to "Juwelier & Leihhaus WIEN" in 1030 Vienna, Rennweg 35.

Bring your jewelry to us, it will be examined, weighed and evaluated. If you want to part from the jewelry, we offer you the best possible conditions. You do not want to sell your jewelry, but you still need cash? Then pawn your jewelry simply and without complications! You must be at least eighteenth years and be able to legitimize yourself with your ID.

It is supposed to be a new piece of jewelry, but you do not want to spend much on it? We also offer a solution for this: Replace your jewelry! In our shop you will find a wide selection of jewelry in all price ranges. This way, you can trade your old, perhaps not really loved or repaired jewelry against a new piece that will make you happy.

Try our extensive service!

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