Pawnshop in Vienna

Pawnshop in Vienna

For a long time, the image of the pawnshops was that most of our customers are unemployed. However, a change has taken place in the recent years. More and more middle-sized companies, especially self-employed persons and entrepreneurs, are turning to us to bridge short-term financial bottlenecks. As a Pawnshop, we offer uncomplicated immediate pledge loans to our customers. As a deposit, you provide us with an appropriate valuable items. We evaluate them, determine the value for the pledge loan and define the possible credit with all costs.

Advantages of a pledge loan at Juwelier & Leihhaus Vienna:

• cash within minutes

• no credit check

• professional estimation by experts

• high storing security

With us, you can pawn the following items:

• jewelry

• mobile phones

• precious metals such as gold and silver

• electronic equipment

We take our time

As a serious pawnshop, we attach great importance to proper assessment and individual advice from the beginning.

If you can not take out your pawn, the latter will be taken to an auction. At the auction we try to offer fair and at same time the highest possible price. In most cases, we can obtain a price that covers all expenses. If you come to us for the first time, we will tell you exactly how the pawn credit works, how long time you have to redeem your valuables and what costs you are confronted with. The collateral loan is settled by a corresponding credit agreement, which our pawnshop provides for you. Until you redeem the credit and pick up your valuables, both the interest and the fees are fixed. So you know right from the outset exactly what costs are incurring to you. The pawn loan is your unbureaucratic way to fresh money.

Pawn credit

Pawn credits (or pledge loans) are immediate loans. This means that if you agree with our offer for your valuables, you will immediately receive the money from us. We will pay this in cash to you. Before we provide you with an offer, one of our consultants evaluates precisely your items. We then define the possible credit line. The KSV information does not matter to us. Your individual financing proposal is formed independently. We do not report your credit to KSV. In this way we prevent that your collateral credit has a disruptive effect with another request for funding. In order to use the advantages of our pawnshop you must be of legal age. As proof of your age and your identity, we only need your ID.


Usually, the lien is up to 50 percent of the current value.

Deadline and due date

The legislator stipulates that the pawn credit is linked to a minimum term of three months. Within this contract period, you can redeem your pledge at any time. In this case, you must repay the loan sum received, as well as the accrued interest and charges. If it is not possible for you to take out your pawn, we will keep the valuables back. Often, the loan can also be extended at our pawnshop in Vienna, in this case only the interest and fees are to be paid. If you know that you can not take out your valuables, let us know, we will auction them. This results in liquidation. We are only allowed to start the liquidation process earliest one month after the due date has expired. However, the process must be carried out within six months after the credit date of expiry.

Auction and Sale

The auction does not create any costs for you with the pledge loan. We strive to ensure that with the liquidation we obtain the sufficient money to cover the interest, fees and auction costs. Every now and then, we get so much revenue from the auctions that there is a surplus. This will be paid to you back as a pawner. Of course, it is also possible that the object can not be auctioned. In this case, we have the option to sell it.

Pawn Ticket

The basis for the loan is the pawn ticket, which represents the loan agreement. All the conditions and special features are defined here. You will also need this if you want to redeem your valuables.

Pawn of jewelry

Alternative to the jewelry purchase If you are still hesitant about whether you really want to sell your jewelry, but you urgently need money in the short term, we offer you the option to pawn your valuables. When it comes to jewelry and precious metals, a high emotional value is often visible, in this case the pledge loan is preferred to the sell. We are aware of this, therefore we pay close attention. Currently the new jewelry often does not have the anticipated gold or silver content, since they are provided with alloys. If only gold alloys are processed by the manufacturers, the value per se is significantly lower than with real gold jewelry. For you as an owner, this also means lower sums on the pledge loan. In addition, there may be a fluctuation in value of the precious metals, because we are based on the current gold or silver price. We take a lot of time for each of our customers. We listen to the stories and the backgrounds, and always assist as professional experts.

There are many items that you can pledge in our pawn shop and for which you can get a short-term loan quickly and unbureaucratically, including:

• Gold and silver jewelry

• Luxury watches

• Gemstones

• Medals and coins

• Gold and silver bars

• Silverware

• Dental gold

In 5 steps you can get quick money:

• You bring your valuables into our pawn shop

• Our experienced team of experts and jewellers determine the value

• You will receive an offer including interest and fees

• You provide your ID card, the pawn ticket is issued

• You receive your money

You do not need any appointments!

House visit by appointment and delivery by post is possible.

Pawn of technology

Pledge is used to secure the amount which is paid as a small loan by the pawn shop. In addition to jewelry, you can also pawn mobile phones, laptops and other high-quality electronic devices. Our qualified experts have vast experience and numerous methods for evaluation and assessment. If the value of the respective item is subsequently determined, the loan value can be specified. We speak plain text and that from the very beginning: If you lend your electronic devices, we can not, of course, pay off the entire possible selling price as a loan sum. There is always a risk for us. We will calculate this when submitting the offer.
In 5 steps you can get quick money:

• You bring your valuables into our pawn shop

• Our experienced team of experts and jewelers determine the value

• You will receive an offer including interest and fees

• You provide your ID card, the pawn ticket is issued

• You receive your money

You do not need any appointments!

House visit by appointment and delivery by post is possible.

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