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Purchase and sale jewelry, gold and diamonds in Vienna

In a situation where money are urgently needed, we are happy to help you. If you don’t want to pawn your valuables you can sell them directly at our shop "Juwelier & Leihhaus".

During our eight years on the market, we have helped many people in solving their financial problems. We buy gold, silver and other precious metals. These can be coins, jewelry or other valuables. If the items are embellished with precious stones, the price increases.

Our advantages:

• Our highly qualified specialists recognize the smallest differences, take them into consideration and carry out a professional assessment.

• The offered price, which is made up of the quality and number of items, is fair.

• Your ID is sufficient, no further documents are required.

• The money will be paid immediately in cash.

In our "Juwelier & Leihhaus" shops we also sell new jewelry and other valuables. We have a wide range of certified products of the highest quality and well-known manufacturers.

You want to sell or pawn your gold jewelry, old gold, silver and/or coins in Vienna? Contact us, we can offer you a tempting offer. Please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff by phone, e-mail, or personally during our business hours - we take the time for you!


Especially in financial distress, gold sales in many households is a popular option to ensure liquidity in the short term. More and more people are opting for the sale of the old or broken gold and make it uncomplicated to cash money. As Jeweller and Pawnshop we buy gold in the following forms:

• Coins

• Dental gold

• Gold jewelry

• Gold bars

• Scrap gold

For the purchase we work according to a comprehensive estimate with the daily price. Of course, price fluctuations may occur. These price fluctuations can have a positive, but also a negative impact on you as a seller. If you are unsure about whether you should actually decide to sell your old gold, we are happy to advise you. The sales proceeds can be paid out in cash or as a bank transfer.

You can also sell your valuables per Post. Send us your old gold by mail, we will immediately carry out an assessment and provide an offer for you. If you consider gold as an investment, we can also help you at this point. With us you have a simple and comfortable way to invest in the precious metal. You can find out more about gold purchase and sale at the Juwelier & Leihhaus Wien directly on the spot, by telephone or by mail.


Silver jewelry

In our "Juwelier & Leihhaus" shop you can buy beautiful silver jewelry, as well as you can sell your jewelry at favourable conditions. To us come both customers who want to buy modern silver jewelry from designer brands, as well as ones interested in antique pieces with high value. We offer silver necklaces, silver rings, silver bracelets – all these at very moderate prices.

Have we piqued your interest? - You will find our shop "Juwelier & Leihhaus" in the 3rd district in Vienna. Here you can look around for heartbreaks and will surely find YOUR favourite piece.

If you want to sell silver jewelry, you are also in the right place by us. You will not only get the pure silver daily price. When buying silver jewelry, we also consider whether these are high-quality or handcrafted pieces of art. Processed gemstones find our attention; in old jewelry the condition of preservation plays an important role.

With a jewelry which does not have an alloy stamp, the silver portion must be ascertained. Our qualified experts who have a long-term experience and the latest technology for the determination of the value are there to assist you.

Silver cutlery

For a long time, silver cutlery and silverware, as well as, decorative silver items have been further inherited from generation to generation. In today's everyday life, such pieces may have a collector's value, but they are rarely used, because they are very care-intensive. Have you stowed some of this items in cupboards and drawers? We buy silver cutlery in Vienna and the surrounding area.

How does this work?

You are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss what items you want to sell and what sales value you may be able to receive. Subsequently, a review of qualified experts in our shop "Juwelier und Leihhaus", Rennweg 35 in the 3rd district will be carried out. The value of silver cutlery, silverware, candlesticks made of silver etc. is determined according to various criteria:

• Condition

• Silver content

• Artistic details and eventual collector's value

For the determination of the silver content, our experts work according to the latest methods and findings. For silver cutlery, one differentiates between silver cutleries with different silver content or silver-plated cutlery. If you find a stamp with 800, this means that the silver item consists of 800 parts of silver and 80, 90 or 100 parts of other metals (usually copper). A 925 silver alloy contains 925 parts of silver (calculated for 1000 parts). On the older silver items you may find information such as 750, 813 or 900. Even the silver plated items can be of high value if they come from a famous artist or designer. This can only be recognized by a specialist. Just contact us without obligation and we will make you an interesting offer!

More information about "Silver cutlery sell in Vienna" can be found at Rennweg 35 in the 3rd district.

We are also happy to assist you in Germany and advise you without obligation. More information at Juwelier & Leihhaus Berlin.


Besides the purchase of gold and silver, we also offer buying of diamond. This gives you the opportunity to make money at short notice, and this is completely unbureaucratic. As an experienced jeweller, we know best about the diamonds assessment.

Like precious metals, diamonds are usually bought at a high purchase price, although the differences are enormous. Therefore, we do not dare to make general statements. With every purchase request, we take time to provide you with a truly fair offer, using state-of-the-art precision equipment.

If you offer us your diamonds in the form of gold or silver jewelry, the precious metals are then calculated individually. The purchase price for your jewelry is composed of the diamond price as well as the price for silver or gold. The precious metal prices are calculated daily.

Diamond Price

For the price calculation of diamonds, four different components are taken into account. These four components are valid worldwide and are intended to ensure uniform pricing.

An important criterion for price determination is the cut. If the precious stones are not professionally treated, they look exclusively as colorless and lifeless glass. Also the color plays a certain role in the evaluation. We can easily recognize different white gradations. Depending on the gradation, a differently strong weighting occurs. Particularly high-quality diamonds can be recognized by their white color without a yellow sting. For determining the value of your diamonds we take of course the weight into account. Karat is used as the weight unit. As the fourth criterion for price determination, we use the clarity of the diamond. For the value of the diamonds, it is important whether the diamond inclusions can already be seen with the naked eye or whether they can not be detected even with the use of a strong magnifying glass.

Quality levels of diamond cut

An important criterion for the diamond price is the cut. The RAL 560 A5E is used as the basis for the cut assessment. It applies at international level and defines four quality levels.

With "very good" is the highest quality level defined in this worldwide standard. According to this, only diamonds with excellent brilliance are judged. They are characterized by excellent proportions and have only a few external features, which are also very slight.

The next quality level is defined as "good". Diamonds of the quality grade have a good brilliance and are characterized by some external features. There are only slight differences in the proportions.

"Medium" indicates the third quality level. Here, the brilliance is diminished, and there are also greater deviations in the proportions. Three high-grade diamonds are also recognizable on the large external features.

The fourth and final quality level is known worldwide as "poor". Diamonds of this quality level are recognized directly by an expert as such. They are characterized by a markedly diminished brilliance. In addition, the proportions are very different. Poor diamonds have distinct and striking external features.

Buy and sale of diamonds in Vienna - we would be pleased to advise you on the spot. If you want to sell your diamonds in Berlin, you can find more information at Juwelier & Leihhaus Berlin

Precious Stones

Precious Stones are minerals whose hardness is above 7 from the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. (Diamonds are, by the way, a modification of the carbon with a Mohs hardness of 10).

A distinction is made between collectors' and jewelry stones.

For example, on the stock exchange for gems and diamonds, pure collector’s stones, which are not always suitable for jewelry, can be purchased as an investment objects. There are investors who purchase precious stones as well as gold.

The "4 C rule" is used to determine the value of collector's stones: cut, color, clarity, carat (weight).The weight of gemstones is given in karat. One carat is 200 mg. Our buyers regularly visit the most important trade fairs and exchanges. Therefore, you can profit from our low-priced shopping. Please let us know what you are interested in, so that we can prepare an appropriate offer for you.

Regardless of whether you want to buy or sell precious stones as an investment object or whether you need precious stones for your jewelry- we are your competent and reliable partner.

Of course, we also buy your precious stones or create expertise for you. These serve as proof for the insurance or to determine the value in case of a possible sale.

Purchase by post

You would like to pawn or sell your valuables with us, but you live outside Vienna, or can not come personally for other reasons? Our pawn shop in Vienna offers you the possibility to send your gold, silver, jewelry from precious metals and other valuables by mail. The fair price is guaranteed. You can offer us the following products:

• Old, broken and dental gold

• Gold coins and jewelry

• Platinum Jewelry

• Silver jewelry and coins

• Krugerrand

• DM and shilling coins

• Dukat

• ounce

• Watches

We have simplified the post service as far as possible. How does this work? In just a few steps you will come to the successful sale of your jewelry:

1. Fill out the enclosed form in a legible and detailed manner.

2. Carefully pack your valuables in a plastic bag together with the filled form and then in a padded envelope or parcel.

3. Address the package / envelope: JUWELIER & LEIHHAUS, Rennweg 35, 1030 Vienna

4. Send the package / envelope insured. Insurance is offered by most shipping companies.

5. After receipt by us, we will carry out a valuation and make you a purchase offer.

6. When you accept our offer, we will transfer the amount of money on the same day.

We also offer you to pawn your items in our pawnshop via post. Inform yourself!

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