Buying Selling Pawning Repairs Watches

One of our primary goals is customer satisfaction. Whether you want to buy, sell or take a pledge loan - we are the right partner for you!

Do you already know our numerous additional offers, such as jewelry repair, preparation of assessment reports for banks and insurance companies, as well as our online shop? Take a look at our homepage and find out more!

Luxury Watches

Our customers choose to purchase a luxury watch such as Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Panerai, Omega, Patek Philipp, etc. for a variety of reasons.

For someone, a watch is not just a necessary timepiece, but a nice accessory.

Some people want their watch to symbolize status and prosperity or to gain admiring glances as an eye catcher. However, one important reason for acquiring a luxury watch is to tie up capital and create value investments. If you are considering the purchase of a luxury watch, you are at the right place. The watches you buy from us are checked for their functionality by our experts, cleaned and sold with a guarantee on request at affordable prices.

Take a look at our shop, get personal advice and then decide on your favorite model. So the dream of a luxury watch may become a reality faster than you expected!

Exchange of luxury watches, precious stones and jewelry

In our house there is also the opportunity to exchange watches and jewelry for other valuables. The exchange item is reviewed by our experts and the value is estimated. Depending on the exchange request our customers then pay the difference or receive additional money.

Purchase and pawn of luxury watches by mail

If you want to sell or pawn your watch or jewelry, we will find an optimal solution for you. In this case we offer our customers comprehensive service.

For example, it is possible to send your luxury watches or jewelry well packed by post. In this case, we will provide you with an accompanying form which you should add to your parcel shipment (we recommend that you choose an insured shipping). If you do not want to leave the house with such valuable items, you could also request package pick up from home, which some shipping companies offer. Another option is to request one of our employees in Vienna for a home visit.

Vintage Watches

Do you still use your watch or dust it in a drawer next to other items? Again and again you hear that you can contribute to your own well-being if you do not burden yourself with useless belongings.

In our experience most of the households have far more watches than they need. For example, in jewelry box is the pocket watch from the grandfather, or in drawers you will find both very inexpensive, as well as high-quality gold watches. Many of them have not been touched for months or years, others are broken or have their best times already behind them. Part yourself from these vintage watches!

Whether you have an unsightly pocket watch or an eye-catching designer watch that has failed service - bring us your treasures, and our experienced staff will estimate them.

Watch repair

How often do you have your watch serviced and cleaned? These measures increase the life of your watch. For watch repair we offer extensive services. The watch glass is scratched? With a quick glance, we can see if the glass can be replaced. Sometimes a watch is put aside because it has stopped working, but you do not want to part with it. After reviewing your defective watch, we create a cost estimate on the repair costs and discuss the further procedures upon your request.

Battery replacement is part of everyday business for our employees, however that does not mean that our service and the quality of our work are common! Our experts replace watch batteries quickly and without complications because they have the expertise, the necessary equipment and use high-quality materials.

This gives you as a customer numerous advantages:

  • The watch batteries we use are of high quality and long lasting
  • You get a warranty of 18 months for the battery replacement.
  • We perform quality work at reasonable price
  • Battery replacement is quick and you do not have to spend days without your watch.

Our specialists clean your watches, quickly and cost-effectively change the battery. In addition, watch bands can be shortened or exchanged so that the watch fits perfectly.

Buying Selling Pawning Repairs Watches

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